Want Healthy Cattle? 3 Reasons You Should Be Feeding Them Probiotic Cattle Feed

Whether your new to the cattle industry or just trying to find a better way to keep your cattle healthy, you owe it to yourself to start using probiotic cattle feed, such as Ruma-Lic Liquid Feed. With so much attention on the increased use of antibiotics in cattle feed, as well as the accompanying health warnings associated with the practice, many cattle ranchers are trying to find better ways to keep their cattle healthy.

3 Ways Fluvic Acid Can Help Benefit A Healthy Life Style

Fluvic acid is a natural mineral produced by the earth that is helpful to your body. It is found in the soil. Fluvic acid can provide you with a host of benefits, like: #1 Better Sleep One reason many individuals like to take Fluvic acid is it aids in the sleeping process. It helps you get a better night's sleep and gets your body on the right track when you go to sleep.

Checklist for Turning Your Small Farm into an Organic Farm

Are you considering getting organic certification for your small farm? This can be a worthy pursuit since more and more consumers are requesting organic and ethically grown food; however, it can also be a challenging process if you aren't familiar with it. The following checklist can help you understand everything that goes into organic certification, so you can make an informed decision. #1: Meet with a certification agent The process begins with a certification agent.

Prevent Tap And Well Water From Damaging Your Child's Teeth: What To Know

If your child has a lot of cavities in their baby teeth and you're worried about the water in your home being a culprit, you need to get the water tested before the problem could affect their adult teeth. There are a lot of issues that could be causing the cavities, but water should be a top concern. There are many at home water testing kits you can get to see if there is anything dangerous in the water and if your child is getting enough fluoride.

Woodworking Design Trends That You May Want To Consider Bringing Home

Whether you love the warmth and natural versatility of wood or if you look for the value custom woodworking brings as an investment, there are current design trends in woodworking that you may want to consider bringing home. Woodworking is a craft that showcases artistic manipulation of a strong and beautiful medium, and one that offers a result that's both unique and inspired. So if you're looking for a valuable and beautiful way to invest in modern craftsmanship, here are some design trends in woodworking that you need to check out.