Woodworking Design Trends That You May Want To Consider Bringing Home

Whether you love the warmth and natural versatility of wood or if you look for the value custom woodworking brings as an investment, there are current design trends in woodworking that you may want to consider bringing home. Woodworking is a craft that showcases artistic manipulation of a strong and beautiful medium, and one that offers a result that's both unique and inspired. So if you're looking for a valuable and beautiful way to invest in modern craftsmanship, here are some design trends in woodworking that you need to check out.  

Custom Vanities and Counters

flitch cut on high grade lumber, which produces an focus on the highly expressive natural patterns in the grain and a rough edge that gives a rustic feel, is now being used in custom vanities and counter tops. Flitch sawing produces a natural edge by not squaring off the lumber, so you'll have mirroring between halves with curves and bark layers included in the cross section. If the piece is thick, you have the perfect surface for a vanity or countertop, where you can either use a modern above-counter sink or install an existing one by having a pattern cut from the lumber.

When you work with a skilled woodworker (such as one from Warburton Woodworks Ltd) on a counter or vanity using a flitch cut, you can fully customize the look by choosing the wood, thickness, section (and patterns) included, as well as overall finish. Modern application of the cut also includes varnished products that enhance the look and offer a high degree of protection against bathroom or kitchen conditions too, so the investment is one that will look good and last. 

Functional Art

Functional art in woodworking includes both artistic cabinets that are personalized to look like a baby grand when they're closed all the way to jewelry cabinets, bowls, and kitchen items, like rolling pins. Custom woodworking offers a chance to spotlight the talent of the craftsman and the beauty of the wood, so there's an infinite amount of possibilities for bringing an exceptional piece into your home that can be passed on for generations.

Consider using custom woodworking creations wherever you want to add an element of warmth and inimitable style. Simple woodworking creations like mirrors, clocks, bowls, jewelry casing, or rolling pins also make great gifts, as they're durable, unique, and offer a way to style with a modern use of a valued and time-tested material.