Want Healthy Cattle? 3 Reasons You Should Be Feeding Them Probiotic Cattle Feed

Whether your new to the cattle industry or just trying to find a better way to keep your cattle healthy, you owe it to yourself to start using probiotic cattle feed, such as Ruma-Lic Liquid Feed. With so much attention on the increased use of antibiotics in cattle feed, as well as the accompanying health warnings associated with the practice, many cattle ranchers are trying to find better ways to keep their cattle healthy. That's where probiotic cattle feed comes into play. Probiotics are completely healthy, which means they won't hurt the cattle or the consumers. If you're not sure about introducing probiotic feed to your cattle, here are three reasons that should help you make up your mind.

1. Reduces Unhealthy Gut Bacteria

You might not know this, but when calves are born, their intestines are neutral territory. That means they don't have any good or bad bacteria living in their intestines. However, as soon as they start eating grain, that bacteria starts to grow, both good and bad. Unfortunately, the bad bacteria usually outproduces the good bacteria, which means in no time at all, the calves' intestines will be teeming with plenty of unhealthy bacteria. The best way to avoid that is to introduce healthy bacteria as soon as possible. You can do that through the introduction of probiotics. First, introduce a probiotic paste to the calves as soon as they're born. Second, feed your cattle a full diet of probiotic cattle feed.

2. Doesn't Kill the Good Bacteria

Antibiotics have been fed to cattle in an attempt to kill harmful diseases. Unfortunately, the use of antibiotics also kills the healthy gut bacteria, which can lead to the increase in other diseases. Not only that, but feeding antibiotics to cattle can be harmful to humans. One of the benefits of feeding probiotic feed to your cattle is that it won't kill off the healthy gut bacteria, which will help reduce diseases. On top of that, probiotics aren't harmful for humans.

3. Promotes Proper Digestion

It takes a lot of work for cattle to digest their food. If their digestive tract isn't working properly, they won't get the nutrients they need out of the food they're eating. The end result will be sick, malnourished cattle. However, probiotic feed promotes proper digestion, which means your cattle will be able to absorb the necessary nutrients out of their food. Not only that, but the probiotic feed will also help your cattle maintain healthy appetites.